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Congress has opened two way front for unbiased elections



  • Fake voters and transparent election’s issue has reached Supreme Court
  • Congress demands immediate release of voter list
New Delhi, Keeping in mind the possible disturbances in Madhya Pradesh assembly elections, Congress has opened a two-way front. On one hand Congress has asked Election Commission to use VVPT in elections and make voter list public immediately to make the elections transparent and unbiased and on the other hand state president of Congress Kamalnath has demanded immediate hearing on the detailed 36 pages application of Madhya Pradesh elections and its reforms. In this application, the Congress’s claim of 60 lakh fake voters of the state and afterword the identification of 26 lakh fake voters and their removal order by election commission has also mentioned. Advocate Varun Chopra who filed on behalf of Kamal Nath told Navbharat in special conversation that the issue of Madhya Pradesh elections has been placed in front of Supreme Court. On which the court has given assurance to consider it soon. In 36 pages application, election reform, security of EVM, the use of VVPT at booth level, strict instructions to election officers, microscopic examination of EVM and VVPT, micro investigation of forty percent unexpected increase of new voters, arrangement of delivery of EVM and other material securely to the booths and to deposit securely back to the safe place transparently and like many other demands have been included. In this application, the earlier promises of transparent elections by election commission have also been mentioned. Varun Chopra said that Congress party had claimed in the month of June that in Madhya Pradesh 60 lakh fake voters were added in the voter list. Not only this, the issue of one picture which has been used at many places also rose too. But only in few days commission has rejected all the claims of the party. But the reality is that, the commission has accepted itself that approximately 26 lakh voters were removed from the voter list and approximately 2.5 lakh pictures are considered suspicious. Therefore there is truth in Congress’s claims. In this context, one of the Congress’s senior leader said that on Thursday Congress’s delegation has discussed with election commission regarding fake voters and it was a hot debate. Apart from this, party leaders had questioned on the decision of the election commission that has hastily rejected the claims of Congress. The leader said that party will try everything for fair elections and on any condition is will not let succeeded the BJP’s intention. He said that party will once again raise the issue of fake voter in front of the public and unmask the current government.

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