Congress indulging in politics of misinformation : BJP


New Delhi, Accusing the main Opposition Congress of indulging in misinformation, the BJP said on Thursday that people the country do not want 'clown prince to play with India's security'. Air Chief Marshal BS Dhanoa has termed Rafael deal a ' game changer' and on the other hand, Congress president Rahul Gandhi was saying just the Opposite, said BJP spokesperson Sambit Patra at a press conference here. 'Now, the people of India will have to decide whom to believe -- Air Chief Marshal BS Dhanoa or Rahul Gandhi? ' he said.The BJP leader said the papers were in public domain which showed that MoUs were signed between Dassault Aviation, the French manufacturer of Rafale, and Reliance with 50 per cent offset clause.He said Mr Gandhi should stop 'doing politics on misinformation or playing with India's security'. In a special press conference here, Congress president Rahul Gandhi referring to a recent statement by a senior executive of the Rafale company that Prime Minister Narendra Modi had asked that Rs 30,000 crore compensation be paid to Anil Ambani as a prerequisite for the deal between the two countries, said,'The statement by the senior executive of the Rafale company, coming close on the heels of the statement made by former France President Francois Hollande, shows that PM is the 'Chowkidar' (gatekeeper) of Anil Ambani. Now it has been proved that the PM , who came to power in 2014 on the plank of removing corruption, is himself corrupt.' Dr Patra said at the behest of the Congress party two 'Political Interest Litigations (PILs)' were filed in the apex court.The Supreme Court has asked the Central government to furnish details of its decision-making process in a sealed cover by October 29 and clarified it would not get into "pricing or suitability" of the Rafale jets. Pointing out that the top court clearly said that it won't go into the technicality or the pricing of the jets, Mr Patra asked 'whether the SC was correct or Mr Rahul Gandhi was correct'. 'By spreading confusion based on lies and deception in the country, Mr Gandhi is trying to build his own political career,' he said, adding that 'People, whose whole family is corrupt, were lifting a finger on others today'. 'Rahul Gandhi, you come from a family of a middlemen, where a middleman-ship is extremely important. You have earned money out of every deal that took place before 2014. You have jeopardised the defence of the country,' he said. The BJP leader said Mr Gandhi has quoted former French President (Hollande) saying that the Prime Minister was corrupt. Dr Patra challenged the Congress president to 'produce any statement or byte' to prove his statement. Mr Patra said that the Congress chief, while addressing the Lok Sabha in July this year, said the French President has told him that there was no such secret clause between the French and Indian governments in the Rafale deal . 'France has immediately issued a statement that a 2008 security agreement legally binds both India and France to 'protect the classified information provided by the partner,'Patra said. Dr Patra accused Mr Gandhi of 'shamelessness' for 'lying after his earlier lie was exposed'.On Mr Rahul Gandhi's charge that the NDA Government was favouring industrialists, he said all 15 industrialists named by Mr Gandhi became rich when his (Rahul) party was in power.