Congress Initiative


The Congress being the largest and national party in political alliance against the BJP Government of Narendra Modi is effectively playing the role of its convener. The leader of the Congress Parliamentary Party Mrs.Sonia Gandhi without waiting for the final results on May 23-24 on May 16 called the meeting of the grand alliance to on that day. The Alliance can only watch the election trends and if it will be in its favour then it will decide the prime question of who will be the Prime Minister. The BJP is expressing the confidence that it would bounce back in power for the second term of the Modi Government. The Congress leader Mr.Kapil Sibbal has earlier expressed the view that Congress alone would not get majority seats in the 534 member Lok Sabha – the magic number is 268 minimum. He said the Congress would be largest party of the Alliance under that condition the obvious choice of the Prime Minister would be Mr.Rahul Gandhi. But now the Congress Opposition leader in the Rajya Sabha Mr.Gulam Nabi Azad has said that Congress has no problem if it did not get post of the Prime Minister in the Alliance Government. This time the largest seats 80 in the Uttar Pradesh are sharply divided into triangular contest between the BJP-Congress and SP-BSP combine. This time BJP will not get chunk of seats as it got in 2014 by securing 75 seats. Although the SP-BSP alliance of Uttar Pradesh is outside the Grand Alliance of 21 parties but it has common objective of “Remove Modi” with the Grand Alliance. The other names as possible face of Prime Minister if the Modi Government is ousted are that of Mr.Sharad Pawar of NCP, Mayawati of BSP and Mamta Banerjee of TMC. In this election the BJP kept aloof from any “Jumla”. The jumlas of 2014 proved very heavy and troublesome for the Modi Government for full five years of its tenure and as poll weapon against it in this 2019 election. All the BJP led NDA and Congress leadership parties are anxiously waiting cross finger for the verdict on May 23-24. Mr.Gulam Nabi Azad very specifically explained the Congress stand if conscious was made in favour of the Congress Party then only the party would take the leadership as our aim was that Modi Government should not come back to power. In this election Mr.Modi and Amit Shah cautiously kept away from uttering any false promise in the form of “Jumla”. But they high-lighted their Government on the Army surgical strike inside the Pakistan across the Line of Control all out operation in Kashmir Valley and Air Force strike on the Jaise-Mohammed Centres in Balakot and Quetta. The Opposition retorted by saying Army and Air Force actions are military achievements and not at all political issue. The recent defeats of BJP in the states of Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh losing the power to Congress indicated that there was nothing like Modi wave. The BJP was badly shattered when it lost two prestigious Lok Sabha by election in the Uttar Pradesh in Gorakhpur and Phulpur constituencies vacated by the Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath and Deputy Chief Minister Mr.Keshav Chandra Maurya. The parties, public and the press all are awaiting the results anxiously. Mrs.Sonia Gandhi took the step to convene the meeting of alliance to meet that very date.