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Congress is puzzled due to the absurd demand of BSP


Special Correspondent New Delhi: Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) made Congress’s negotiators puzzled by its undue demand of seats which are more than its status for the upcoming elections of Madhya Pradesh, Chattisgarh and Rajasthan. Due to the irrational demands of BSP, the several rounds of talks are still stuck in the bar. According to the sources, BSP is trying to vail Congress on its impractical terms with a well planned strategy in the current political situation whereas Congress has already been agreed on many conditions by considering national politics. But even now BSP is trying as many as seats from Congress. One of the senior Congress leader told that BSP is trying to make unreasonable pressure for Madhya Pradesh, Chattisgarh and Rajasthan elections by referring solidarity. While the truth is that BSP chief Mayawati who had been the Chief Minister could not find the status of opposition. Not only this, some of the important and senior BSP leaders have separated and BSP itself is trapped in the crisis of survival. Currently BSP’s status in Loksabha is gone to zero while in UP’s assembly, it is running on the position as a third party. Still it is saying to fight independently on all the seats in all the three state’s elections including Madhya Pradesh which is ridiculous in itself. Political experts believe that in face to face fight of Congress and BJP in the elections of all the three states, BSP, SP and other parties are not going to get something special because at the time of its government in Uttar Pradesh, only once, BSP had managed to get 11 seats only in Madhya Pradesh including all the three electoral states on its own and after that it could not cross the double digit figure. In such, the claim of BSP is not only hollow in fact the base of making pressure is baseless. Sources are informing that to remain in the coalition BSP has already proposed to get most seats for the Loksabha elections in Uttar Pradesh. Seeing its persistence, Congress and Samajwadi Party (SP) have given consent. But BSP is demanding for the Loksabha seats in Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Bihar, Punjab and Karnataka. To make pressure on Congress, BSP leaders are ever meeting with NCP chief Sharad Yadav and sometimes with the Chief Minister of Karnataka, Kumaraswami although experts believe that BSP’s strategy has always been to pressurize the allies. In such, the demand of 40 seats in Madhya Pradesh, 30 seats in Rajasthan and 20 seats in Chattisgarh, BSP’s strategy has always been to pressure the allies. In such the demand of 40 seats in Madhya Pradesh, 30 seats in Rajasthan and 20 seats in Chattisgarh does not seem logical.

“The sources of Congress informs that the after the several rounds of unsuccessful meetings, Congress is now planning to have a logical and decisive joint meeting with SP and BSP. Party believes that only due to the coalition it has not started the selection process of its candidates while the party was trying to send its candidates on to the field before the announcement of the elections. In such Congress party will try to solve the problem of alliance in the decisive meeting with BSP and SP in the observation of its senior leaders.

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