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Congress Session


The 84th Congress Plenary Session Political Resolution declared that Congress for the Lok Sabha General Election of 2019 will chalk out aligning with the like-minded parties and such alignment are requirements of time and prevailing political situation in the country. The recent defeat of BJP in bye-elections in Garakhpur and Phulpur has an impact on the Congress session but Congress itself fared very badly in these bye-elections by going alone there. The 84th session in the first session after Mr.Rahul Gandhi taking over as Congress President. It is considered as beginning of youth era in the party. Mr.Rahul Gandhi assured the old leaders of the party about their future role and importance in the party. He said his task is to take together the senior and the youth. The youth have to take Congress forward but it cannot be done without the experience of the party veterans. The Congress Parliamentary Party leader Mrs.Sonia Gandhi assailed the Prime Minister Mr.Narendra Modi as ‘Dramabaz’. His slogans are hollow. Mr.Modi in the last election in 2014 raised the issue of black money in the foreign banks as the main issue and gave an assessment that it was equal to Rs.15 lakh per persons of 125 crore population of the country. After winning election on this count he is keeping mum and his party president Mr.Amit Shah dismissed it as merely a sentence – ‘Jumla’ and this word is now a permanently glued on Mr.Modi. Now Mrs.Sonia Gandhi has given him another title ‘dramabaz’. He is also known as ‘formula’. He is using English alphabet as chemistry formula to describe his programmes. Mrs.Gandhi said the Congress exposing the Governments misdeeds, corruption and frauds with proof. All his slogans were tricks to grab power. The Modi Government drunk on power and in sinister ways targeting Congress workers and leaders. The Congress demanded that EVM be withdrawn from elections as doubts are expressed about it. The election must inspire confidence. It asked to revert to paper ballet to ensure credibility of the poll. It also held simultaneous elections of Lok Sabha and Vidhan Sabha are not practical and feasible. The Congress attacked the BJP Government for inflaming communal passions and sought to make political point by differentiating political ideology of Hindutva. The session also presented a new set up and culture. None of the leaders occupied the dias and sat in front rows. No picture of leaders were displayed. The Party demanded that before the General Election the Government should implement the women reservation. They will accommodate all section of the society and none will be left out. Mrs.Sonia Gandhi asserted that the Congress is not merely a party but it is thought and a movement and it would succeed in the coming time.

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