Congress’s bomb of 60 lakhs fake voters diffused


Congress has complained to Election Commission about 60 lakhs fake voters in found in various constituencies before the forthcoming assembly elections in Madhya Pradesh, turned out to be futile. Now it is established that all the claims of Congress leaders were false.By filing a complaint to the Election Commission over 60 lakhs bogus voters,Congress tried to propagate that Bhartiya Janta Party does not have a public support in Madhya Pradesh and BJP wins the election with the help of fake voters. By doing this Congress has tried to show their enormous presence in the MP and their leaders are conscious of the rights of the citizens.If this complaint was proved correct then they could get a big issue to attack on BJP and their government. But the EC rejected all the complaints of Congress. By giving examples of 4 assembly seats i.e. Narela, Hoshangabad, Bhojpur and Sevni-Malwa, Congress under the leadership of Kamalnath, Jyotiraditya Scindhiya had complained to election commissioner OP Rawat in New-Delhi. Rawat took this matter seriously and constituted two teams to inquire into the alleged errors in the electoral rolls. In Congress’s internal politics, the head of the strategic committee Suresh Pachori wanted to take credit for exposing the BJP.Pachori has been claiming his domination in central MP specially Bhopal from the beginning. But without researching and working on the ground and on the basis of what is heard,the issue of fake voter was raised only by making these areas as the base was fall flat. From this episode the message to the public and even to the high command of Congress fell upside down. In congress politics it should be taken as a big lesson.

Congress made it as a mountain of a mole
The electoral list which was produced to EC was old and after examining, the EC itself has taken it in cognition. The process of correction was also going on.
This figure is about 13 lakhs voters.
  • Almost 2 lakhs voters are increased and software removes duplicate entries from 9 percent to 10 percent. The new duplicate software has been developed which processes the duplicate entries again by checking it apart.
  • In the year 2008 the number of voters was 52.76 percent and in this year 2018 it moves to 61.45 percent and this is a normal growth.