Considering oneself an expert hinders progress


Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal Learning process never ends. Considering oneself an expert poses hindrance in progress because an expert thinks he knows everything. But it is essential to accept change and continue learning new systems from time to time through training. The training institutes play an important role in this. This was expressed by Additional Chief Secretary Panchayat and Rural Development Iqbal Singh Bais during the conclusion of the two-day national workshop on “Fixation of Standard Benchmark for state-level training institutes”. Bais said that it is easy to form an institute but it important and essential to fix its benchmark. If an institute etablishes its name in the market, it becomes a benchmark. It is analyzed from its identiy. He said that needy persons should be trained on time. There is need to focus on the importance of training also. There should be mutual coordination between the trainer and the trainee. Both should understand each other’s sentiments. He said that the atmosphere in the training institutes should be such that the trainee develops a yearning to take training. Bais said that we would have to work continuosly on the points that have surfaced during the workshop and will have to initiate their implementation. New change can begin only after hope. He said that persistent efforts must be made to benefit the last man of the line. For this the trained person should continue to share his experiences with those below his level. Former Indian Administrative Officer Dr. Gyanendra Badgaiyya said that efforts should be made to the benchmarks fixed in two days during the workshop will be collectively brought under one platform and centralized. Besides these benchmarks should be made available to all training institutes only then will the fixed benchmark of the training institutes become uniform and their norms will be fixed. There is need to make sure that no important point is left out. He said that in this era of technology, one should be Google-friendly. He also suggested to continue making researches. Director Institute of Good Governance Akhilesh Argal said that the discussion on academic, infrastructure, management and inter-institutional relations during the workshop will assist benchmark fixation. He said that focus should always be on objective and whether the training institute is being utilised as per its objective should also be ensured. About 111 participants will take part in the two-day workshop. Out of these 52 participants belong to other states. Director Walmi Smt. Urmila Shukla proposed the vote of thanks and presented memntos to the guests.