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Copying in Exams


Strange are the ways and policy of the State to decide that on copying in the examinations the students will be fined or sent to jail. Copying and mass copying are well known and open most illegal and illegitimate crime of education mafias not only of private school and colleges but in the Government institutions also. Like private practice of Government medical doctors the tuitions by the school teachers are also organized and forced trading by the teachers. They take money from the guardians of the students to allow them copying facilities. The copying is forced on students and sold to students. In the copying racket the students are not offenders but victims of the Education Mafia. In Bihar there had be a “topper scandal”. In Madhya Pradesh the Vyapam copying racket is the biggest in India. In it not only education mafia but high Government officials even cabinet minister are deep neck involved in it and sent to jail and cases are going in court. Under such corrupt atmosphere to victimize the student further is high handedness and most unjust act the Government. Instead of such absurd attitude the State Government should regulate and regularize the entire examination system. The Government of Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has show a way how to deal with such situation of copying in the examination. They have regulated it is so nicely that about 10 students finding absolutely impossible to carry out copying themselves stayed away from the examinations. The State Government should follow U.P. measures.

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