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Corruption Level


An organization ‘Transparency International’ in its study of 180 nations level of corruption has placed India at 81st position. In the year 2016 the India was placed at 79th position. In 2017 the corruption level has gone up by two mark from 79 to 81. The China is also near about at 77th position. The corruption is high in Pakistan at 117 placement. The African nation Somalia is worst among all at the 180 position in 180 nation, followed by South Sudan, Syria and Afghanistan. On the bright side of corruption free nation the New Zealand is 1st, second is Denmark, Finland is third and Norway at 4th position. The report indicates that in most of the countries corruption in the public life is rampant. There can never be exact study or assessment of corruption as there are no scientific or technological method to fix it up at certain point or level accurately. Neither it can be calculated on the performance of this or that party Government. All the parties pledge to eradicate corruption but it is going as usual. All the Government claims that it had brought down the corruption and the opposition charge increase in corruption level. It is permanent political way to look and deal with corruption issue in such a casual way. Right from top political level upto Panchayat and MANREGA corruption in public funds are going on unabatedly. The study on corruption is based on talking to analysists and general public. Presently in India three former Chief Ministers Mr. Om Prakash Chautala of Haryana, Laloo Prasad Yadav and Jagannath Mishra of Bihar are in jail convicted in corruption cases. The cases of disproportionate income Jayalalitha was convicted and cases going on against Mulayam Singh Yadav, Mayawati and Veerbhadra Singh. In the past the parties removed the Chief Minister on such charge. In Madhya Pradesh Mr.Virendra Kumar Sakhlecha was asked to step down from the office of the Chief Minister on such charges. The massive bank frauds in a joint operation between the business and industrial tycoons and bank officials are going on. In panchayats the Sarpanch and Panchayat secretaries are misusing and swindling Government funds for toilets. The funds spent but toilets are not there. The MANREGA is the world’s biggest job providing scheme and in many places the field officers have prepared false job cards funds pocketed. In a village in Rai Bareli district of Uttar Pradesh a new Talab was shown as made under MANREGA but that Talab was there from time immoral. There are corruption in every field and at level.The pertinent question that defies the solution what to do, how to do to eradicate the corruption?

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