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Counter insurgency operations will continue in Kashmir: Gen Rawat


New Delhi, Army Chief Gen Bipin Rawat on Wednesday said change of political leadership in Jammu and Kashmir will not affect security operations in the state. Talking to reporters here, Gen Rawat said, “Operations were already in place in Kashmir. A suspension of operation was launched in between as we did not want to cause inconvenience to the people in offering Namaz during the month of Ramzan.Despite this we saw the terrorists continuing their operations, so the suspension was withdrawn. Our operations will go on like they used to.” On being asked about change in political leadership, the chief said that the Army has very strict rules of engagement and it acts accordingly. “We don’t see any change with the change in political affairs in the state. We do not have any sort of political interference. The Army has very strict rules of engagement and we act accordingly,” Gen Rawat added. On Tuesday, the BJP in a surprise move, pulled out of its alliance with the PDP in their 3-year coalition government in Jammu & Kashmir, citing “growing terrorism, radicalisation and lawlessness in the border state. The state has now come under the President rule.

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