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Credibility of Election


The former Chief Election Commissioner of India Mr.TN Seshan during his tenure had established the credibility of elections in India at a very high pedestal as an example world over. He freed the Elections in the India from the grip of Central Government through its Ministry of Law and Ministry of Home. In the pre-Seshan era it was Government that decided the time of holding elections and by elections. Now it is the Election Commission that decides on its own the time and dates of holding the election. It also established that during the elections duty all the Government officers and staff will be under control, discipline and subordination of the Election Commission. They will not take any orders concerning elections and will not report to Government but direct to Election Commission. Mr.Seshan also introduced system of model code of conduct and use of EVM in polling. There had been no complaint against the EVM. But when BJP Government of Prime Minister Mr.Atal Bihari Vajpayee was defeated by Congress in 2004 the BJP leader Mr.LK Advani in a subdued tone doubted the authenticity of EVM. He suggested that country should revert back to paper ballot system. But his plan was not pursued to conclusion it was almost forgotten as a casual opinion. But in 2014 when the Bahujan Samaj Party and other parties also badly defeated against BJP onslaught the issue of credibility of EVM again cropped up. Mayavati’s Bahujan Samaj Party faced total rout and defeated on all the 80 Lok Sabha seats in Uttar Pradesh. There on the defeated candidates blame manipulation in EVM as cause of their defeat. The Election Commission all the time maintained EVM as fool proof. When parties approached the Supreme Court on this issue it decided that in each Assembly segment in five EVM slip count matching with VVPat be made. Now the 21 political parties again approached the Supreme Court with a plea that 50 percent verification of EVM and VVPat be made. The Supreme Court told the parties that it was not proper to bring before the same issue again and again. It said its previous order would prevail. The Congress pleader Mr.Abhishek Mann Singhvi made a around absurd plea that if the 50 per cent match was not acceptable 33 of 25 per cent be allowed. After losing the battle against EVM in the Supreme the Congress has declared that it would not give up the EVM issue but will take up politically by make public aware of it. It seems that in the new Lok Sabha these parties will raise this issue that Parliament by resolution or law abolish the EVM from the use totally.

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