Crimes In Trains


Crimes of theft, loot, assaults, robberies and poisoning in trains are on increase in the Madhya Pradesh. Sometime back poisoning meant to make passenger unconscious and robbed him. Now such criminals are using deadly poisons against passenger in which either they die or lose their memory. In Betul one such person traveling with family was given such poison and he lost memory and was roaming in Betul like a bagger. With some papers it was traced that he was from Tamil Nadu. His family was informed and they look him back. Recently a trader was poisoned at Amla near Betul and Rs. 15 lakh were robbed from him and he diead.Some time a train ticket examiner allotted seats near a lady passenger and they tired to sob her near Bina and she was thrown down from train. Now it has come to light that railway staff are owner to such criminal gangs. In Bhopal recently it came to light that a minibus owner had employed pick pockets in his bus as a regular business. In state many auto-riksha driver rob their passengers. The passengers of train, buses and auto rikshas are easy target to criminals and passengers are most unsafe in the Madhya Pradesh.