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Cutting down the ranks and restructuring the army , a step towards progress or towards drag


By Yashovardhan Maheshwari  Central Chronicle  Bhopal: The Indian Army , as a part of its ongoing process to restructure its officer cadre may take some decisions which may change the entire fabric of the Army including its functioning and ranks. The high-level committee set up by the Army Chief,General Bipin Rawat is supposed to submit a detailed proposal which may lead to the elimination of the Brigadier rank and reduction in the number of the ranks from 9 to six or seven . We here at Central Chronicle spoke to a few Army personnel on this topic and they expressed great support for the suggestion.They  said that this would be great for Upgrading the Army. “These activities keep happening, studies are ongoing and it’s all routine” said Colonel Nigam . He said,” Bringing down the ranks is a great idea and removing the Brigadier rank will not make a lot of difference”. He believes that these steps will definitely lead to a better functioning Army as it would slim down the structure and increase the efficiency .” In some of the Armies abroad, full colour ranks do not exist. So removing the Brigadier rank from our structure would be beneficial.It takes 25 years to become a Brigadier which reduces career progress added Colonel Nigam. His view were seconded by Colonel Jagdish who believed that it would be brilliant if it materialises .He further added ,” There is a mental block of ranks within the Army which leads to mutiny and mismanagement. Reducing the ranks would help curb the mental block . He believe that direct promotion from Colonel to Major General with no Brigadier post would really help improve the Army structure . He said that it takes 30 years for an Army officer to become a Major General while the civil service officers reach the post of joint secretary in just 18 years leading to a higher career progress . Colonel Jagdish stated that” I support this suggestion and I believe it should be backed”. While speaking to Colonel JC Sharma he suggested that this move would stop the degradation of the Indian Army and would get it back on the track . “ There is no harm in Implementing this move at all rather this move is necessary to create a younger profile” said Colonel JC Sharma . He said a younger profile is necessary to change the old school of thought and a younger officer at the rank of Major Generalwould be able to give way more to the Army than older officers . He fully supported all the suggestions including the removal of the Brigadier rank and giving officers the lieutenant rank during the end of their training . He added “ It’s a step towards upgrading the outdated structure of the Army ".

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