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Cyber Security


The Internet, Websites and Mobile Phone have provided massive facilities and information at finger tips but at the same time now the cyber crimes on it has or created a very dangerous situation in the society also. The Cyber criminals use such a technical tactics that one cannot understand it to save themselves and take precaution. At Bhopal at a ATM cyber criminal fixed a device and took the photo of ATM card placed in it. The criminal prepared the clone of such cards and withdrew money at Ahmedabad in Gujarat. Wrong information are provided as internet friends sites and many people particularly girls suffered it very badly.The videography by mobile phones are being as used to blackmail the girls. On marriage sites on Internet the information are provided are false, people should not indulge on friendship and matrimony on internet information without check and cross check physically by themselves. Now Government must take up a job in the very large sale to educate and alert the people about the ways and means of cyber crimes. This too is very difficult or near impossible a common man to under the cyber tactics of crimes. At Bhopal a workshop was held to educate the people about it. People are advised not to prepare personal information password, not to accept friendship on internet site, keep away from downloading film songs and films. Any uploading or obscene material on internet are also punishable crimes. People using these facilities should also come forward to understand cyber tactics and crimes.

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