Dalit Violence


The Madhya Pradesh is worst affected state in the Bharat Bandh call of Dalits. It ravaged the 12 states in the northern states. The Supreme Court in his judgment of March 20 has not amended the law but issued a guidelines as procedure to prevent misuse of SC/ ST Protection Act. It directed that a competent police officer will examine the prima facie in the case before registering the FIR and bail provision in it. But in such cases logic is the first casualty and senseless reckless emotions prevail. In the violence in all 14 died in the country and among it 7 were in Madhya Pradesh. The Union Government has filed a review petition in the case seeking restoration of original provision. The Supreme Court has admitted the petition for hearing but turned down the plea for urgent hearing. The Central Government has rushed the battalion of the Rapid Action Force to Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh. The Gwalior, Bhind, Morena in Madhya Pradesh and Meerut, Gaziabad in Uttar Pradesh are worst affected districts. These days the violent agitation have become accepted form of protects. The Jat reservation agitation in Rajasthan, Haryana, blocked the rail movement on vital Mumbai Central – New Delhi rail section for over a month during the UPA regime. They pitched tents on rail track with setting up community kitchen there. Although the railways has nothing to do with reservation issue. It is public transport providing fundamental right of freedom of movement to the society and whole nation. But a particular Jat community violated it with impunity. At that time it appeared as if there is no Government of India operating in the country. The Government took up the matter only when Supreme Court ordered the Government to act decisively. The only Jats lifted the seize in the rail tracks. In the Jat agitation in Haryana the Rohtak city was looted and burnt. One fail to understand what Rohtak city has to do with Jat reservation and why the city was looted and put on fire. Now everywhere are professional gangs who infiltrate in all agitations and they indulge in loot and arson for themselves. Such persons capture trains during the political rally and in that grab smuggle drugs intoxicants like opium, ganja. The professional criminals have taken over all such agitations. Same thing happened in the Padmavati-Padmavat film agitation, and Sachha Sauda agitation on the arrest of Baba Ram Rahim and Honey Preet. The Central Government and the Parliament must take up the issue of violence in all public agitation and take measures of wipe it out. Otherwise such violent agitation with not only make mockery of democracy but destroy it also.