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Data breach controversy: Now, BJP says Cong shares data with Maoists, friends in Singapore


New Delhi, The social network battle of wits between the Congress and the BJP is far from over with the BJP IT cell chief Amit Malviya now hitting out at Congress president Rahul Gandhi and alleged that the grand old party has shared data with 'friends in Singapore' and even 'Maoists'. "Hi! My name is Rahul Gandhi. I am the President of India’s oldest political party. When you sign up for our official App, I give all your data to my friends in Singapore," Mr Malviya tweeted sarcastically on Monday - a day after Mr Gandhi posted on similar lines in the micro-blogging site and had alleged that data mined from 'Narendra Modi App' have been shared with companies in the US. In a series of Tweets, he further alleged that the Congress party "will share data with like-minded groups, the implications are grave. From Maoists, stone pelters, Bharat Ke Tukde Gang, Chinese embassy to globally ‘renowned’ orgs like Cambridge Analytica, the field is extensive and wide open". Mr Malviya also wrote: "Full marks to @INCIndia for stating upfront that they'll give your data to practically anyone - undisclosed vendors, unknown volunteers, even 'groups with similar causes'. In theft of all forms, Congress has never been discreet!" He again wrote: "Inspired by Sonia Gandhi’s ‘all power no accountability’ dictum, Congress will take all your data, even share it worldwide with orgs like Cambridge Analytica but will not take responsibility of it! Their own policy says so".

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