Daughters donated fathers corpse to Medical college


Chronicle Reporter, Gwalior After the death of 74-year-old Dr. Vimal Ghatak, his daughters reached the Anatomy Department of Medical College instead of cremation ground. It was his wish that his body should be donated and according to his wish, now medical students will know the structure of the body from his dead body . His eyes were donated before his body was donated. Dr. Vimal Ghatak is a homeopathic doctor and has two daughters. Dr. Ghatak had told his daughters some time ago that after his death, his dead body should be donated at Medical College instead of doing his funeral. It would be helpful for the practical work of medical students.Also, his eyes should also be donated. Dr Ghatak died on Friday night. After Dr. Ghatak’s death his elder daughter Jyoti immediately reported to the medical college. A team came and took out the doctor’s eyes and kept them safe. After this, his dead body was sent from an ambulance to Gajraja Medical College on Saturday morning. Dr. Ghatak’s dead body was given in Anatomy Department of Medical College. The doctors have preserved his body with chemicals and medical students will study this body.