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Death of sanitation worker in Delhi: Rahul says PM’s “Swacch Bharat” a hollow slogan


New Delhi, Expressing shock over the death of a manual scavenger while on duty in west Delhi’s Dabri, Congress president Rahul Gandhi on Wednesday called Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s PM’s “Swacch Bharat” as ‘a hollow slogan’. In a post on social media, Rahul said, 'Anil’s tragic death in the sewers of Delhi and photographs of his grieving son have made headlines worldwide. Our PM’s “Swacch Bharat” is a hollow slogan, when he’s blind to the plight of thousands of manual scavengers forced to excavate toilets and sewer lines in inhuman conditions.’’ The scavenger Anil died while cleaning a sewer in west Delhi’s Dabri on Friday. The family didn’t even have money to cremate Anil. After a tweet of Anil’s son Gaurav’s photo with his father’s body appeared on the social media on Monday morning, it led to thousands of retweets, and to an NGO setting up a bank account for donations via an online crowd funding platform.

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