Death To Child Rapist


The girl child rapes are going on since long but towards deep agony of the people and nation the Central Government whether of Congress led UPA of BJP led NDA Government in power or in opposition remained unmoved. All the time people are demanding death to rapists but nothing moved the Government. Although the people organizations moved the Supreme Court and the Court sat in the night also so that the most brute criminal of Nirbhaya case may not be lot off on the ground being juvenile. But there was no law to keep him in the jail. The Bill to that effect remained pending as the opposition was busy in stalling the proceedings. Alas and at last it was passed when the criminal was let off. Despite all this nothing moved the Government to realize the feeling of the nation that wanted nothing but death to rapist. Now Modi Government has come out with decision to issue ordinance on child rapist. It is because of Kathua case as it occurred in politically and communally sensitive state of Kashmir. But even now it is most obnoxious to categorized the rape on the basis of age of victim. It is death for under 12 year old child full life term for rape of girl between the age 13 to 16 and 10 years for rape on women. Rape should not be categorized in this way. Rape of child most of barbarous but rape of a girl and women are also the same act. The Government should review Juvenile Act Centre. Now there is a amended provision in the case of Juvenile committing rape or murder, he would be tried by the adult court but the here also category in sentence. He will be tried by the adult court but will not be sentenced as adult. There is category to award lesser punishment. It is totally absurd and illogical. In adult court even the juvenile criminal should also be punished like an adult. To reform a criminal whether adult or juvenile should not be considered as job of the Government but of his family’s responsibility by the Juvenile crime his parent father and mother be held responsible and punished with adult category sentence. For criminal the jails should be made place of torture public be carried out. Mere procession of criminal as just symbolic and will have no effect on criminals.