Deepak, Megha, Somi fight to become next Fizz captain of 'Bigg Boss' house


New Delhi, Ruling a house with 14 'Vicitra' individuals is not an easy task. The most important role in the 'Bigg Boss' house is that of the captain. From delegating duties to managing luxury budget tasks, to being safe from the week’s eviction process, the captain’s mantle is the most desired. After a rigorous performance in the 'Bigg Boss Poultry Farm' task the contestants selected Deepak, Megha and Somi as the candidates for the Fizz Captain of the week. Accustomed to strategising before each task, the housemates were fully prepared to complete the task with full confidence. 'Bigg boss' quenched the overwhelming curiosity by calling Surbhi in the confession room so she could announce the task for the day. The mission for the three contenders was to stay inside the train for as long as they can. The remaining contestants had to use the set ingredients like Bitter-Gourd, Tabasco and Wasabi amongst others and try to de-board the contenders. 'Bigg Boss' elected Shivashish as the moderator for the given task.The competition agitated the three contenders as the behavior of the remaining housemates was intolerant. A huge fight between Sreesanth and Surbhi took place, wherein Surbhi was seen instigating Sree.The train challenge tested both the physical and mental strength of Deepak, Megha and Surbhi who gave a tough competition by eating raw chilies, taking tabasco shots or drinking egg yolk mixtures given by other inmates.