Defence Manufacturing


Like AK-47 assault rifle India has also developed indigenous 155 mm Advanced Towed Artillery Gun (ATAC) for armed forces and police. We are also manufacturing warships and submarines of world class. The Fighter plane ‘Tejas’ built by Hindustan Aeronautic at Kanpur has been inducted in the Indian Air Force. Now India stands among the top military powers in missile technology and many nations are online to have missiles systems from India. In tanks India has its own Arjun Tank. India so far has been the world’s bigger buyer of military armaments. After Independence the India decided to devote our resources in the development works and projects and develop infrastructure in all the segment. It maintained its armed forces from imports from Britain, America. But after Chinese aggression in 1962 India realized that it has to develop militarily also alongwith economic development. Prime Minister Mrs.Indira Gandhi who became Prime Minister after Mr.Lal Bahadur Shastri gave a real push to the defence preparedness and develop its own defence manufacturing and started missile programme. At one time the American President Richard Nixon declined to give fighter planes to India anymore. India shifted to Soviet Union and procured MiG Fighter Planes from there alongwith other military hardwares and armaments. India is the 4th largest army of the world after America, Russia and China. The Prime Minister Mr.Narendra Modi has given another big push to defence preparedness by adopting the policy of ‘Make in India’. Now Russia setting up its MiG fighter plane manufacturing facilities in India. America is also willing to make its fighter planes here. India has opened its defence manufacturing for private sector also. The France to make its fighter plane Rafale joining hand with Ambani’s to make it here. France has joined to manufacture submarines and warships in India. The Tata has announced that it would develop cannon better than Bofors in India. India is now in a position to exports its missile, warship and other military hardware to other countries. India will provide missiles to Vietnam for its defence. Now to project India’s defence manufacturing capabilities, we are organizing for the first time ‘Def Expo’ 2018 to be held in Chennai from April 11 to 14. India will project India is emerging defence manufacturing hub and to become exporter of several defence systems and components for all the three services Army-Navy-Air Force. There is growing demand for Indian built vessels from many countries in South Asia, ASEAN and Africa. India’s private sector has also entered defence manufacturing sector in a big way.