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Defence Ties with India


Many developed countries have sought close defence ties with India on military, political and trade point of view. On gaining Independence to the prime need of India was reconstruction and development. Only two years back in 1945 the Second World War ended and there was calm and quite all over. The India decided to adopt course of five-years plans. For conventional requirement of the Armed forces we purchased it mostly from the Great Britain. After some time over defence ties with America established. In the War the Britain was a victorious but ravaged country and America had no impact on its soil but for one time Japanese attack at a far off island at Pearl Harbour. Both being democracies the Indo-US ties improved and most of our defence purchases were US oriented. America being a capitalist country there everything is in private sector. For them India was a big market of arm sale. India is still biggest buyer of defence requirements from abroad. We are 4th biggest Army of the world. But during Nixon era in America has tilted towards Pakistan during Bangla Desh Liberation war changed situation to parting away from each other. The US stopped arms supply to India and Indian Prime Minister Mrs.Indira Gandhi moved towards Russia for defence coopration. At that time the Russian MiG Fighter planes were inducted in Indian Air Force. The American still repent losing India to other countries for defence deals. In India they lost a very big market. Even in civil aviation we switched over to Anglo-French Air Bus and discarded US Boeing. Now in the changed political situation both the Air Bus and Boeing coming to India with their plant to Make in India. Now for us the US is not exclusive but one of the country to look for our defence purchases. Sometime back we purchased 6 world's biggest military transport plane Herculis from America but buying fighter plane Rafale from France, missile equipment from Russia. The Germany also wanted to push its Euro fighter plane in India. Now we are trading for our defence needs in competitive market. We have learnt a lesson during Nixon period not to depend on any one country for anything. India is having deals with Israel to improve our security system and Make in India in joint venture to the opto-electronics equipments and unmanned aerial vehicles. The American Defence Secretary Mr.Jim Metis and Secretary of State Mike Pampago are coming to India to finalize many defence deals.Most of the countries of the world have realized to keep the Pacific Ocean easy and free for all the strong India is the requirement of the world.

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