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Delhi Assembly passes resolution to remove Chief Secretary Anshu Prakash


New Delhi, The Delhi Assembly on Friday passed a resolution, demanding removal of Chief Secretary Anshu Prakash. The resolution was moved by the ruling AAP Chandni Chowk MLA, Alka Lamba after Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia made a statement in the House that CS has sent a note ahead of the Friday’s Cabinet meeting that installation of CCTV cameras is a ‘’hasty’’ decision. The Deputy chief minister made the statement after Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal announced in the House that the Cabinet in its meeting on Friday approved the proposal of installation of CCTV cameras in Delhi. “Noting with concern the efforts of vested interests to delay and sabotage the implementation of the scheme of the Government to install CCTVs across Delhi; This House resolves that CCTV installation in Delhi is an urgent need for protection of women and children of Delhi and should be executed with utmost priority,” the resolution stated, which was passed by voice vote. The House also, condemns the Chief Secretary who appears to be acting on behalf of the BJP Government in Centre, for blocking the CCTV project and his act appears to be part of the conspiracy by opposition to further delay the CCTV Project, it said. “House demands that Anshu Prakash should immediately be removed from the post of Chief Secretary, Delhi,” the resolution said. The House also resolved that the delay that occurred in implementing this decision despite the fact that the CCTV decision by Government was taken in October 2015 needs detailed examination and therefore the reasons for delay should be examined by the appropriate House Committee.

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