Delhi in Post Election


In Delhi the winning Bhartiya Janata Party is busy in fulfilling its Constitutional obligations. It has elected Mr.Narendra Modi as its Parliamentary Party leader for the second term of the Government. The supporting parties under the NDA (National Democratic Alliance) have endorsed the BJP decision and accepted Mr.Narendra Modi as leader of the NDA. The leaders in a delegation called on the President Mr.Ramnath Kovind to convey their decision. Mr.Narendra Modi has tendered the resignation of his Council of Ministers of the first time and as a constitutional formality the President asked him to continue till the formation of next Government. He also invited Mr.Modi to form the Government for his second term. Mr.Modi yet to decide the date of swearing. In the main Opposition party the Congress its President Mr.Rahul Gandi has declared his intention to step down from the post of Congress President. He also told the Congress Working Committee members not to name his sister and Party General Secretary Mrs.Priyanka Gandhi to replace him as Party President. The CWC members want Mr.Rahul Gandhi to continue but he appears to be firm on his decision to step down. Mrs.Sonia Gandhi also refused to intervene in the mater and said that it was for Mr.Rahul to decide what to do. A formula is being worked out that Mr.Rahul Gandhi should continue as Party President and under him there shall be four executive members Mr.Ahmad Patel, Priyanka Gandhi and Ashok Gahlot are being mentioned. The Uttar Pradesh with largest 80 seats is a big debacle for the Congress. Last time also the Congress won only 2 sets of Mr.Rahul Gandhi from Amethi and Mrs.Sonia Gandhi from Rai Bareli. This time Rahul Gandhi lost the Amethi seat, Mrs.Sonia Gandhi alone could retain her Rai Bareli seat. But Mr.Gandhi is Member of Parliament from Wayanad from Kerala. This time the Congress has improved its position in the Lok Sabha. Last time it has 43 member without the status main Opposition party and leader of the Opposition. But this time the Congress has improved its position to 52 with 9 more seats and its supporting parties also were 79 now 81 members. Mr.Gandhi will accept the position of Leader of Parliamentary Party and become Leader of the Opposition. But there are possibility that ultimately Mr.Rahul Gandhi will remain Party President and Leader of the Opposition also.