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Delhi Police apologises for manhandling of woman journalist


New Delhi, The Delhi Police has apologised to the media for the manhandling of a woman journalist who was covering the JNU protests on Friday. The police has urged the journalists to call off their proposed protest outside the police headquarters. The police said in a statement: "Yesterday’s incident was a very unfortunate one. Our deepest apologies to the media. Our intention wasn’t to obstruct the media from doing its job. In the confusion, some female police personnel mistook the photojournalist as a protestor.' The police said strong cognisance has been taken of the incident and inquiry was being initiated. 'We have taken strong cognisance of the matter and an inquiry has been ordered,' the statement said. Urging the journalist to call off their protest, scheduled at the police headquarters on Saturday afternoon, the statement said, "We have always provided access to information and at our end ... have always tried to ensure media personnel covering the police ... don't face any problems while doing their job. I would request all of you to call off the protest at 3 today. Instead, let’s meet for coffee at 3 at the PRO office at PHQ to address all your grievances. What has happened is very unfortunate and therefore let’s take constructive and corrective measures," said the statement. The statement came after condemnation from several quarters of the alleged manhandling by the Delhi Police of a woman journalist covering the JNU protests on Friday.

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