Deluge in Capital


In Monsoon is active again in the Madhya Pradesh. In capital Bhopal within six hours it rained 116 millimeter about 5 inch. The localities in Bhopal and all other cities, town and villages or so flooded that it become tanks and roads are rivers. The Monsoon come late by 14-15 days on June 22-23. The four month period of rainy season even one month is not over and we are not only in the state but in the entire nation are feeling highly harassed and tormented by it. In Seoni district a dam collapsed and many villages submerged and crops on several hectares destroyed. In capital Bhopal all the nullahs are overflowing and one child was washed away. In the entire heavy rain alert is issued and 15 district it is devastating rains. It is always said that before rain all nullahs are cleared but people residing there say that for many years it were not cleared. Clearing the nullah in a racket and every year crores of rupees are embezzled on this job without doing the job. The State Government in the whole year programme should ensure perfect drainage system all over the state for proper water outlet and collect it in water bodies spread over the entire state.