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Desire to have more worldly possessions makes us unhappy: Munishri


Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal, The vishwa shanti or world peace mahayagya is being organized at Ashoka Garden Jinalaya in the presence of Acharya Nirbhay Sagar Maharaj ji. The ritual of samvashran mahamandal vidhan was also organized. The Indras and Indranis performed the kalabhishek of idols of Lord Jinendra in samvashran, while the musician Ashok Doraha presented bhajans. The worship and other religious rituals of Lord Jinendra were performed under the guidance of Sumat Bhaiyya. Saudharmendra, Chakravarti, Kubar, Mahayagyanayak and Yagyanayak offered shrifal to God. Acharya Nirbhay Sagar maharaj said all creatures want to be with the Almighty but the humans have a feeling that they must have more and more of materialistic possessions. They want to acquire more and more things and wealth and this makes them unhappy. If material things bring just a temporary and short-term happiness, then what does that mean? It might mean that you have to buy material objects at a rate of perhaps one per day to sustain the temporary and short-term high of getting something new. The problem is that begins to sound a lot like a drug habit. This train of thinking can get you into some very deep areas. Among those present on the occasion included Mandir Samiti president Sunil Jain, Pawan Jain Milan, Ranu Divakar, Rajkumar Surya, Vikki Padvaiyya, Vinay Arihant, Sumit, Anshu, Rahul, Sudhir Padvaiyya, Samay, among others.

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