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DGCA to probe snag hit flight carrying Rahul Gandhi


New Delhi, The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) has said that it will probe the snag hit flight of Falcon 2000 aircraft VT-AVH from Delhi to Hubli in Karnataka in which Congress president Rahul Gandhi was travelling. In a statement, DGCA said that though the incident was not uncommon, still DGCA will probe the incident.The Congress on Thursday has raised the issue of a "possible and intentional tampering" with the aircraft. According to the complaint filed by the Congress, the plane shuddered violently, tilted to one side, dipped in altitude steeply and made cranking noises throughout and the autopilot system of the aircraft was not functioning. The DGCA statement said that Li Gear Aviation Falcon 2000 aircraft VT-AVH was involved in an incident while operating flight from Delhi to Hubli. The operator reported the incident to DGCA. The statement said that as per the operator report, it was a snag in the autopilot mode and the pilot shifted to manual mode and landed the aircraft safely. Autopilot failure incidents are not uncommon. For any VIP flight, DGCA investigates thoroughly. The statement further said, “DGCA has set up a two-member committee to investigate into the cause of the incident. A report is likely in 2-3 weeks."

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