Discord in EC


The constitutional bodies the Parliament, the Supreme Court, the CAG and now the Election Commission of India are not functioning properly to inspire public confidence and application of constitutional provision in the working. In the rules of Parliament there cannot be any demonstration like raising slogans shouting, and displaying placards etc. the member will speak only from their allotted seats. But in reality for hours slogan were raised in the chamber and proceeding disrupted, it has been routine that member gather in front of podium of the Speaker in group and speak in creating chaos in the house and forced adjournments. Whole session were wasted without transacting business properly. There were serious allegations of massive corruption in the allotment of spectrum and coal bloc. The CAG in its audit report, also mentioned financial bunglings. But the Court ultimately held that there were no corruption at all. The Supreme Court for the first time in its history the four judges held press conference leveling serious charges against Chief Justice Mr.Deepak Mishra charging him of indulgence in unfair allotment of cases to junior judges over and above the senior judges. And the same judges contradicted themselves by saying that the Chief Justice is first coming equal and all judges are equal. Prime Minister Mrs.Indira Gandhi invoked this principle and during her tenure she appointed Justice AN Ray as Chief Justice of India by passing three judges who jointed Supreme Court earlier then Mr.AN Ray. They resigned in protest for ignoring their seniority. But Mrs.Gandhi decision prevailed. Mrs.Gandhi also started transfer of judges, which is now routine practice. Now in the Election Commission of India the one of the three Commissioner Mr.Ashok Lavasa has charged the Chief Election Commission Mr.Sunil Arora that action were taken only against other political campaigners but clean chit was given to Mr.Narendra Modi and Mr.Amit Shah.This charge indicated that the Chief Commissioner was not fair in his dealing and acted under the pressure or in favour of Mr.Modi and Shah. The differences and tension in the Commission have come into open. It mars the position and prestige of the commission in a parliamentary the such aspersion are highly damaging to the system that we have adopted for our way of life. The Commission is already facing problem on EVM system all the time maintained that it was a fool proof system. During the 2019 election campaign many political leaders crossed the limits. The Supreme Court asked the commission why it was not taking action and directed it to appear before the court to explain its difficulties. Then only Commission come into action. Many complaints against many leaders were filed before the Commission. Mr.Lavasa alleged that action were taken only on other leaders except Mr.Modi and Mr.Amit. It is a very grave charge that the Chief Election Commissioner is not himself free and fair in his working.

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