Distracting India is Modi's style, why he is silent on job, economy; Rahul


New Delhi, Responding to Prime Minister Narendra Modi's reply over the debate on President's speech, former Congress president Rahul Gandhi on Thursday said that the biggest problem before the country is unemployment and economy, but the Prime Minister is distracting the country from core issues. "The biggest issues before the country is unemployment and economy. We asked several times on it.

But he did not say a word on it. Today he has given a 1.5 hours speech. We asked him to speak at least for two minutes on employment and the youth. What is your government is doing to give jobs for our youths. But he did not utter a word', Mr Gandhi said at Parliament premises. The former Congress president also said that, earlier, the Finance Minister has given around 3 hour speech, but she had also did not say a word on unemployment.

"Earlier, they were talking about Make In India, economy, 5 trillion economy.. but these people are not talking about the important issues now. To distract the country from main issues, they are talking about of Congress, of Jawaharlal Nehru, of Pakistan, sometime on Bangladesh", he further said.

Responding to the questions by reporters over the Prime Minister's jibe at him, Mr Gandhi said, "his style is to distract India". "He has promised to give 2 crore jobs per year, now almost 5.5 years are over. In last year only, one crore jobs had been lost, but Mr Modi was silent", he charged. Earlier, the Prime Minister had scathing attack against the Congress and the opposition on various issues.