Divyata, Diparayanayanan charm with their presentations


Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal Classical performances, semi classical music performance and Kuchipudi dance were presented at Madhya Pradesh State Tribal Museum here on Sunday under Uttaradhikar series. National award winner Divyata Jain Garg and her troupe charmed the audience with their semi-classical singing in the first presentation. Divyata is the disciple of Pandit Siddharam Swami Korwar. She began with raag ‘Maaru Bihaag’ Rasiya na jaa in rhythm ektaal then chhota kyaal and Daadra ‘jiya mora na laage was presented. Ashesh Upadhyaay on tabla, Amit Garg on Harmonium, Sumit Kolhe on flute, Jyoti Wagh on tanpura, and Pallavi Bhandare and Taniya Sharma on chorus accompanied Divyata Jain Garg was. The audience had a peaceful time listening to such melodies on stage. Divyata has received music education from Guru Pandit Siddharam Swami Korwar. She has done graduation and post graduation in music from Barkatullah University. Garg along with All India Radio has made her singing performances at various art forums in the country. Diparayanayanan Sashindran enthralled the audience with her splendid performance of the the Kuchipudi group dance with her fellow artists in the second presentation. Diparayanayanan is disciple of Manju Bhargavi. They began with ‘Vandem’, in which Venkateshwar Bhagwan was considered omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent. After Vannadam, ‘Pravesh Dwaruv’, ‘Kirthanam’, in which Venkateswara Lord diverse forms were mentioned, ‘Tarangam’ which is related to Krishna Leela and Krishna, but Deeparayanan presented the dance and finally ‘Tillana’ in which Durga and her forms were beautifully depicted. This performance left the audience totally mesmerized and they were glued to their seats till end of the show.