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Dog Menace


Not only capital city of Bhopal or state of Madhya Pradesh but entire country is facing the human tragedy by the stray dogs and animals. In Bhopal dog lynched infants to death, women was sitting in courtyard of her house with few months old child. She moved for few minutes and stray dogs dragged away the child and killed. In Koh-e-Fiza a school boy rushed towards his school bus and in between dog jumped on him and he was killed. In Awadhpuri boy was killed right before his house by a group of dogs. On such occasion for few days the division and district officials alongwith Municipal Corporation Mayor and Commissioner will hold hectic meeting to show that something concrete was being done but after few days and sittings the issue is ignored and dropped. It is roundhead policy that dog population could be controlled by the sterilization programme. It is going on in Bhopal for last so many years but the number of dogs instead of coming down have gone up in thousands. Its failure shows that it was just a formality and false entry in record books. It is said that the Corporation has spent crores of rupees on it. Its failure also showed that many was pocketed without doing any sterilization work. Even after some sterilization the dogs were dropped out the same point again. But besides occasional killing of infants the number dog bites cases are much more. Everyday hundred of persons suffering dog bites. Dogs should be removed dead or alive to provide remedy to public at large. Now there is another absurd decision to differentiate and segregate ‘violent’ and non violent dogs. Is it possible in any way?. Can anyone know before hand when a dog will become violent and aggressive. In the type of survey crores of rupees will be spent without any work and pocketed by concerned persons. The Pakistan and China are also facing same problems. In Pakistan the dogs are killed in gun fire. The China has developed an injection which is fired by tranquilizer gun and it causes instant painless death to dogs. We are spending crores of rupees in protection and conservation of wild animals like tigers and lions. It are kept in reserved forest and sanctuaries. Even them whenever any tiger becomes man-eater is it is shot dead. There is legal provision for it. The dog lovers want it should not be killed. Now human lovers should also come out to launch an agitational struggle to kill the dogs. In Sitapur in Uttar Pradesh the problem of stray dogs become so acute and hazardous that people themselves took the job of eliminating the dogs. In the state of U.P. the farmers are also facing the menace of stray cattles that ruin their crops and the farmers also. When the Government could not provide any relief to them the farmers of Uttar Pradesh decided to push in stray cattles in the schools and government offices. In Madhya Pradesh the dogs should be dumped up in the houses of dog lovers. The man eater tigers and rouge or mad elephants are put to death. On the similar lines the stray dogs should be liquidated as regular ongoing work of Municipal bodies.

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