Dogs and Goons in MP


Stray and street dogs and goondas are the terrorists operating all over Madhya Pradesh right from capital Bhopal up small towns and villages. Madhya Pradesh has no Islamic terrorists like Kashmir Valley or Naxals of Chattisgarh. But for the people of Madhya Pradesh the terror of dogs and goondas are no less than armed terrorists in other states. A woman and girl out in city with her family is not safe in day time on roads. Such goondas elements not only harass her but attack those who are accompanying her. It is not an exaggeration that goondas in Madhya Pradesh have upper hand over on police in their goonda activities. The police apathy is also a criminal act. Recently when a girl went to police station to lodge complaint she was discouraged by policeman there telling what was the use of filing such complaints as she has to make rounds of police station and courts. Now stray dogs are not moving alone but in groups and gangs. A boy was rushing to catch school bus and dogs rushed him and killed. Two infants sitting in front of their home were dragged away by dogs and killed. A lady in Bhopal going on scooty was attacked by dogs. She was hurt and sustained dog bite also. People of a colony went to a police to lodge complaints about dogs attacks in their colony but the police was helpless as there is no provision to register a F.I.R. against dogs. The Municipal bodies are claiming of starilisation of dogs but the number of dogs increasing everyday. The dogs should be either shot dead or dropped in forest areas. The anti rabbis injection will always remain in short supply because of ever increasing number of dogs bite case.