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DoT to unveil 5G roadmap by June 2018: Telecom Secretary


Agencies, New Delhi The Department of Telecommunications (DoT) will unveil the 5G or fifth-generation roadmap by the end of the June this year, Telecom Secretary, Ms Aruna Sundarajan, said here on Friday. Speaking at an event orgainsed by industry body ASSOCHAM, the telecom Secretary said the DoT has received good inputs on 5G in the new telecom policy (NTP)-2018 which is yet to be unveiled. “The draft of the NTP 2018 is in final stages and will be put in public soon,” she said. By the end of the financial year, there will be pan India 4G network rollout Ms Sundarajan said. The networks are not only accelerating the roll out of the 4G but are getting ready for 5G. India will have full 4G coverage by the end of the next financial year, added Ms Sundarajan. ‘I expect that by the end of the next financial year, we will have pan India 4G coverage barring a few pockets. The right regulatory framework is the key to create an enabling environment for connected devices’, the secretary said. On the call drop issue, DoT secretary said Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has brought new regulatory regime under which there are stringent norms for call drops that need to be followed by telecos. Talking about in-flight connectivity, Ms Sundarajan said, the DoT was in process for getting approvals for in-flight connectivity but no time frame for the final approval was yet set for its being operational. India is going to beat al the estimations. It was thought that India is primarily a voice driven market, but the way data is growing is taking everyone by surprise. The data growth is not just in urban markets but in the deep rural, said the telecom secretary.

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