Dr. Mishra seeks blessings of Daddaji


Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal Public Relations, Water Resources and Parliamentary Affairs Minister Dr. Narottam Mishra met and sought blessings of Grahastha Sant Dev Prabhakar Shastri Daddaji at Daddaji Ashram situated in Dham Gram Kuda Ghanshyam Bagh during his stay at Katni district here today. Dr. Mishra sought permission for the Parthiv Shivling Nirman Anushthan in Datia in the coming month of Shravan under the guidance of Daddaji. A Yagya will be performed in Datia from August 14 to 20. A day earlier women will take out a kalash yatra on August 13 in which Daddaji himself will be present to give his blessings.  PR Minister Dr. Mishra told that citizens in a large number from Datia will take part in the Parthiv Shivling Nirman Yagya.

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