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Dust Havoc


Severe dust storm hit the seven states in the North India including Delhi where visibility is very poor and breathing is very torturous with dust in the air. Lungs are affected causing constant cough with watering eyes and nose. It is very difficult living in the states Rajasthan, Delhi, Haryana, Punjab, Chandigarh, Uttar Pradesh . Due to poor visibility many flights in the region were cancelled. It is causing concern that such very rough and tough condition will prevails for some more days. All construction activities across the affected states stopped. These states are suffering worst kind of air pollution with no remedy in sight. It is thick blanket of dust and haze all over. People are advised to remain inside the homes keeping windows and doors close and breathe shallow and not deep inhaling. Asthamatic people and children of these areas are the worst victims of dust and air pollution. In Uttar Pradesh more than 40 people died and 30 injured. Under such natural calamity of dust lashing the Government is also helpless. Gradually all the dust will settle down whenever it is raining. For months the people will face sand menace in clearing it totally. The best solution is wash it off with water and soaked clothes. For the last two days the 7 states are facing other onslaught of nature. These sand and dust storms originated in sand desert of Rajasthan and Baluchistan in Pakistan. Entire Uttar Pradesh is reeling under the sand and dust storms. The fury of storm uprooted hundreds of trees and electric poles. The dimension of storms are so wide that now only rain can wash and wipe out the dust. Poor visibility and dust particles in the air are hampering everything. The other man made way to handle the situation is sprinkle the water all around but in the summer water scarcity is at the peak everywhere. The Pollution Control Board of Delhi has ordered immediate stoppage on stone crushers and vacuum clearing machines pressed into the work. People are advised the clean and clear the homes from dust by using vacuum cleaners. The directions of dust storms presently towards North but Madhya Pradesh has to remain alert its storm are diverted by air movement towards Madhya Pradesh but at the moment the Madhya Pradesh is safe place.

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