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EC Obstinacy on EVM


Despite strong opinion against the use of EVM on election voting the Chief Election Commissioner Mr. OP Rawat is obstinate on keeping the EVM process as it is in the coming elections. In Delhi all registered parties meeting with the Chief Election Commissioner and at Bhopal except ruling Bhartiya Janata Party all other parties wanted that the system of EVM should be scrapped and Commission should revert back ballet papers system. Many countries after going through the process of Electronic Voting abandoned it and return to ballet paper system. For the first time the BJP stalwart Mr.LK Adwani demanded that EVM system was not reliable and Commission should go back to ballet paper voting system. Later after last Lok Sabha polls other prominent parties and leaders Mayawati and Mr.Akhilesh Yadav also doubted the fairness through the EVM. Now except BJP and Biju Janata Dal all other parties are dead set against the EVM system. They apprehend that these EVM could be hacked and they expressed doubts that in election to Lok Sabha and Vidhan Sabha in Uttar Pradesh something of that sort happened. There is a saying “when doubt – leave it out”. The Commissioner has said that he would clear all the doubts about the EVM and safe against hacking, unless he did it EVM should not be used in the elections. It is said that honesty should be visible also. In a democracy the elections should be beyond doubt. If itself it is a big doubt that first of all it was BJP, who questioned the fairness of EVM system when it was in opposition. Now it is in power and turned volte face to support it. Mr.TN Seshan established the independence of the Commission in its decision and working. During the Gujarat Vidhan Sabha General elections the Commission announced the dates of election schedules of other states going to polls but delayed the announced the Gujarat election. The Congress said that not the Commission but Mr.Narendra Modi would decide the Gujarat dates. It was as aspersion and doubt on the independence of Election Commission. The same type of situation has emerged in the use of EVM. The Chief Election Commissioner is not taking into account the whole hog opposition to the EVM and adhering to the wishes of ruling Bhartiya Janata Party and on this issue even its sincerity is in doubt. There are lurking doubt about the free and fair elections in Uttar Pradesh. On the issue of EVM the BJP is minority opinion and opposition parties are majority opinion. Mr.Advani is maintaining the silence on this issue. It is his moral obligation to speak out what where the grounds and reasons on which he had opposed the use the EVM and wanted that it should be given up.

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