EC ready for simultaneous election: OP Rawat


Agencies, New Delhi Reiterating its position on holding simultaneous elections to Lok Sabha and Legislative assemblies, the Chief Election Commissioner O P Rawat on Wednesday said it needs a consensus among political parties. “Election Commission has no problem in conducting elections simultaneously”, Mr Rawat told DD News. He took over as the new CEC on Tuesday. While asserting its stand, he said the Election Commission had communicated with the Law Ministry in 2015 on required legal framework for simultaneous election. If all political parties are unanimous on holding elections simultaneously, the Election Commission has all the logistics to take it up. However amending constitution and making changes in Representation of Peoples Act has to be done first, Mr Rawat said. The new Chief Election Commissioner said that if voter identity card is linked to Aadhaar card, it will help to detect duplication and fake voters. Mr Rawat pointed out the three main problem areas that is affecting the country’s election arena. They are money influence, paid news or media management and electoral roll duplication. India when assessed on the basis of Electoral Integrity Index, is placed in the ‘moderate integrity’ category because of these three reasons. The Election Commission’s new measures is fixing the electoral roll duplication issue. He said the strong laws are required to end issues related to money and paid news in elections. This can be done only by amending existing laws, he added.

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