Education Mafia


Although the Central Government has given the Right to Education but actually it as the education mafia that is ruling over education all over the country. Education, Health and roads are the essential work of Government but now these are in private hand. It appears that now only job of the Government is to collect taxes. When tragedy like school bus accident at Indore occurred resulting in tragic death of school children, Government jumped into action for few days than everything go on as it is. About Indore school mishap many things are coming to fore. First that the bus was in unfit condition and driver had informed the DPS school management about it. Its steering failed and bus crashed into another coming truck. The bus was speeding at 80 kilometer per hour and its speed governor was not working. Thereafter the Bhopal police swing into action in checking school buses. There are about 1500 private schools in Bhopal operating about 2000 buses. In hurried inspection more than 500 school buses were found in unfit conditions. Not only Indore or Bhopal such callous attitude of private school management exist everywhere. Their sole concern is to earn from school like business set up. They are increasing school fees now and then, compelling the parents to buy books, stationary, uniform etc. from its designated outlets. The same situation exists in higher education institutions. The Union Minister for Human Resources Mr.Prakash Javdekar said that recent conclusion drawn through “Aadhar” system revealed that about 80,000 professors were bogus in these institutions and many were shown as working at many places. In Madhya Pradesh the right to education has not made any impact. There are many schools which have no teachers, school building and it is alleged that Government has closed down many schools. The Government authorities instead of regulating the private schools advising the parents to form committees and take up issue with the school management. The Madhya Pradesh Government moving in the direction of fixing the school fee. But there are many other exploitation in forcing the tuition, dress, books etc. Besides school buses many private autos, vans are also engaged in the business of carrying school children. Almost all are over loading the students in dangerous positions. The police department must always ensure that it are always kept in fit conditions and speed governors installed in it.

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