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Eid in Kashmir


After so many years for the first time the Eid was performed in Srinagar and all over the Kashmir peacefully in a subdue manner. Otherwise it become ritual of all mosques in Kashmir that after every Friday afternoon prayer (Namaz) and Eid the mob coming out and would pelt stones on security forces and in return the forces would use only teargas shells and pellets. It was a policy decision of the Government as the stone pelters not using fire arms the forces would not open fire on them. Stone pelting after Namaz started from the Jama Masjid in Srinagar on all the Friday and occasions like Id it was so severe that it was virtually attack by hundreds of stone pelters throwing stone at a time on forces. Such attitude of the Government not to open fire on stone pelters gave them encouragement and soon the stone pelting spread over to all the mosques all over the Kashmir Valley. This policy was not according to situation on the other hand the Government allowed it to covers entire Valley. It is excess of idealism. The dictum is that ‘excess is bad of every thing’. It is said that even excess is bad in good acts also. Here both Governments of UPA and NDA committed this blunder of not dealing with the stone pelters as terrorist. In the history perhaps it is our second big deliberate mistake of excess idealism. Mohammad Gauri the foreign invader was defeated many times. But once he advanced his army by putting a herd of cows before it.  The princely forces of India did not repulsed fearing that would kill the cow that was most heineous crime in the Hindu religion and that would outcaste them. The net result was the Mohammad Gauri forces penetrated deep into India without fighting and Gauri established his kingdom here.  It was the demand of the situation let the cows killed but foreign enemy should had been prevented from entering into India.  We faulted and defaulted in our proper action on excessive religious idealism and beliefs. In Kashmir we again acted such a harmful idealism by not opening fire on stone pelters and as a silent spectators witnessed its spread out from Srinagar to all over the Valley in each and every mosque.  Recently the Modi Government has made the provision by amending a law that now whosoever would help terrorism by funds, active support would also treated as terrorists. Now in the changed situation let us not expect that situation will normalize overnight. Government will require sometime to achieve the objective. Now the stone pelters should be treated a terrorists and fired upon.

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