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Election Commission in full form


After the pulling up and reprimand by the Supreme Court the Election Commission has finally came into full form and acting against errant leaders including the candidates, Chief Minister and Prime Minister. In every election particularly in the ongoing Lok Sabha election many leaders and candidates made objectionable speeches and comments beyond the sense of decency and under the code of conduct. At such increasing reckless and indecent speeches the Supreme Court angrily asked the Election Commission why it was not acting against such persons. The Commission told the court that it had no powers in the laws to act, it could only issue notices and seek reply. Supreme Court fixed a date and asked the Election Commission to appear before it to tell what powers it require to conduct free and fair election that is its responsibility in the Constitution. It appears that the Commission under the fear that it could not be able to satisfy the Supreme Court and it might pass severe structures against it. It promptly issued notices against errant leaders including Lok Sabha candidates like Azam Khan from Rampur in Uttar Pradesh and Pragya Thakur Bharti from Bhopal. The Commission imposed many hour long “shut up” orders to many including the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh Yogi Adityanath. The Supreme Court taking note of Election Commission coming to full form and acting with full powers and authority appreciating it role cancelled the date of hearing to the Commission. Some complaints were filed with the Commission against Prime Minister Mr.Narendra Modi and BJP President Amit Shah. The Commission took note and held Commission sitting over it. In the three member Commission the 2 were of the opinion that Mr.Modi and Shah had not violated code of conduct by their utterances and the third member in a note of dissent held Mr.Modi and Shah guilty of misconduct. The veteran Congress leader Mr.P.Chidambaram reacting on the note of dissent expressed the satisfaction said the Election Commission finally showing some signs of life. He urged the other such institutions to assert their right and freedom. The Commission had decisively acted the UP Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath and now it is evident that it could ever proceed the Prime Minister if need be. With the Election Commission going strong against errant leaders it is now certain that how on the leaders will behave within the political limit. The campaign will be carried in policies and programme of parties and manifestos. In Bhopal there are issue of over spending by both the Congress and BJP candidates. In the entire country in regular and strict it checks large amount of cash and drugs and liquor were seized. Election Commission and the Administration working earnestly against illegal activities.

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