Prime Minister Mr Narendra Modi on April 2 announced total rural electrification in the India has been achieved with providing electricity to village Leisang of Manipur - the last village to complete the task. But the Rural Electrification Corporation has said the power connection yet to reach in 7,05,00000 crore household. The Chief programming manager Mr Vijay Kumar Mohanti has said the procedure for obtaining connection were made very simble and all are advised to have the power which were connection available in all the villages. In Nagaland in total contradiction of the claim that the State was totally electrified, it has been revealed that 91,000 household in the State are yet to have power connection. Mr Modi said at 5.30 PM on Saturday will Manipur Leisang getting power all the country’s 507,464 inhabitant villages now have access to power. The 28th April will be remembered and historic day in the development journey of India. As per the Union Power Ministry definition a village is said to be electrified if at least 10 per cent of the households and have power connection and if electricity is provided in public places such as schools, panchayat offices health centers and community centers. The Congress says the BJP Government talking false credit in this matter. The Congress spokesman Mr Randeep Singh Surjewala said that it was Congress Government that electrified 97 per cent of villages in the country. India has 649 of 67 villages and the Congress connected 97 per cent with electricity during its UPA regime in 2004 to 14 in 60 years Congress average in electrifying was 10,000 villages per year. In Madhya Pradesh in Gohad Tehsil of Bhind district the village Barodha, Charentha have no power. In Rajasthan the Narayanpura near Jaipur and about a dozen of villages have to electricity. In Chhattisgarh 122 villages have no power. Strangely Chief Minister started power festival from the village Bandrent in Bastar is still in dark. The Congress President Mr Rahul Gandhi took jibe at Government claim of 100 per cent rural electrification. He said media has questioned his claim by giving names of villages where the power has not reached. It appears to be another “Jumla” of power progress without providing power to all the villages. His first Jamla’s during election campaign of last Lok Sabha polls has now proved to be hoax and fake poll trick played on the electorate of country to win the election and now has backed out from it and his party President Mr Amit Shah as dismissed it as mere “Jumla”. Now on the upcoming Lok Sabha poll Mr Modi has started playing hoax for another time.