Employees of burnt textile mill in state of shock


Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal The employees of the textile mill at Chandbarh which was gutted in massive fire are in a state of shock. The employees and their family members were heard saying what they would do now. They were worried about their uncertain future. They were worried about their uncertain future. A number of local people, most of them workers and family members of mill workers, gathered outside the factory premises and were in tears as their only livelihood got finished. Minister of State Vishwas Sarang Vishwas Sarang also reached the site and consoled the families. The blaze started at about 3 am during the intervening night of Saturday and Sunday. But the flames soon became out of control and a little later flame could be seen everywhere rising high up. No loss of life or injury to anyone was reported in the blaze. Raw material was also burnt in the incident. The mill is run by the National Textile Corporation (NTC). Short-circuit is suspected to be the cause of the fire. The cloth factory was set up here in 1938. A few years ago, it was revamped at a huge cost and the plant was again set up at the cost of Rs 70 crore. Vishwas Sarang reached the spot after receiving information. He assured the employees and their families that they would not have to face any hardship. He said the cause of fire would be investigated.

Arrangements prove inadequate

The negligence of the factory management came to the fore. The factory management had installed a fire ring but it did not work. It has been informed that there was a short circuit on Saturday morning as well at 9 am. The factory management had called an electrician and who had examined the snag. However, later in the night the short circuit has been reported from the same place. According to sources, the labourers were working in the third shift. As soon as they saw the fire breaking out, they informed the officials but the fire fighting equipments were not working. As a result the fire grew out of control. One labourer suffered minor burn injuries and has been hospitalized. NTC General Manager Ajay Kumar Dixit said an assessment of the loss is being done.

Fire fighting equipments were not checked

Textile Mill Workers Federation General Secretary said the safety and fire fighting equipments had not been checked since 2013 and they were not working. He said perhaps the fire could have been controlled on time had the fire fighting equipments been in working order. He said the fire fighting arrangements involved pumps connected with water container in the unit. But it was not working.

High level probe demanded

Leader of Opposition Ajay Singh has said high level probe into the fire incident should be conducted. He said it should be ensured that labourers and their families are not affected.

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