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Encroachments bring traffic congestion


The encroachments done besides road bring in traffic congestion for hours at MP Nagar especially because the area has got offices, colleges, institutions, coaching classes and hostels. One pan kiosk, and a handcart was also seized by the BMC squad from zone number 1. Shops in prohibited area in Vehicle zone in the New Market area was also removed. In Kamla park illegal kiosks, boards, counters and other types of encroachments were removed. Handcarts of tender coconut were also seized near Kamla Park area.

In Sankhedi main roads the shops encroaching on roadsides were removed as it was brining traffic congestion in the area. Additional to that Bhopal Municipal Corporation (BMC) anti-encroachment squad also removed scarp dealers encroachment in Kolar road the other day. The encroachment done by the scarp dealer shops near Kolar canal was removed in the process and many other types of activities including handcarts and street stalls were seized by the BMC squad.

 As a part of anti-encroachment drive Bhopal Municipal Corporation (BMC) is carrying regular activities and handcarts and illegal kiosks besides roads are being seized by the team. Additional to that focus is also given on removing obstructions in smart road route. The anti-encroachment squad also removed various shops and one handcart and pan parlour at Airport road. At Singracholi scarp dealers shops encroached besides road and one handcart was seized during anti-encroachment drive. In MP Nagar zone-11 with the help of loudspeakers encroachments besides roads were removed and BMC officials also advised shop keepers to avoid any kind of placing of temporary sheds and stalls near roads as it is causing traffic congestion. 

The anti-encroachment squad near Dana Pani road removed two pan kiosks and one handcart. On Hoshanagabad road, illegal kiosks and advertisements boards were removed near old court, in all eight illegal kiosks were removed near Shajehanabad area. Near Katara Hills three stalls, one poultry cage, two counters were also seized during the anti encroachment drive. In Gulmohar Colony road mixer machine was removed and in new market area during anti encroachment drive iron roads and other concrete material placed during road were removed. 

In New Market area also encroachment drive was carried out. Acting on CM helpline near CTO illegal constructions were removed in Bairagarh. Illegal sheds construction by marriage gardens is also under scrutiny and special drive is being carried out to remove any kind of contributions done by marriage garden owing to marriage season. As a part of the drive counter was seized at MP Nagar zone number 2v.  

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