Encroachments on lake banks to be removed


Large numbers of people offer Shram Dan for deepening of Upper Lake

Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal The Upper Lake is drying up fast this year due to deficient rainfall and extreme heat. The work on deepening of Upper Lake is in full swing under the guidance of Mayor Alok Sharma so that the lake’s capacity could be increased before the onset of monsoon. The BMC’s lake deepening drive is yielding result. The second phase of deepening of Upper Lake began from Bairagarh where large number of people offered shram dan (voluntary labour). Sant Siddha Bhau, Mayor Alok Sharma, MLA Rameshwar Sharma and large number of public representatives, social workers and citizens joined the campaign and offered shram dan for the deepening of Upper Lake. Speaking on the occasion, Mayor Sharma said 6278 dumper silt was taken out in the first phase of deepening of Upper Lake. Now the second phase of the drive has started from Bairagarh. On Sunday police officials and personnel offered shram dan. Mayor said the encroachments on the banks of Upper Lake have been identified and action would soon be taken to remove them.

Water-level at Upper Lake, Kolar dam is declining rapidly

Meanwhile, this summer, people will have to take to water rationing as main source of water, Upper Lake, could ensure supply only for 35 days more. If monsoon did not set in by June end, the city would have to undergo acute water crisis. The water-level at Upper Lake and Kolar dam is declining with each passing day. Water level in the lake will go beneath danger limit if the municipal authorities continue to draw water for supply at the same pace. And for the first time, the authorities might even have to take the stern step of discontinuing water supply from lake, if rains get delayed. Bhopal Municipal Corporation (BMC) is cutting down on water supply from Upper Lake from 30 MGD to 23 MGD. The people depending on lake will have to rely on other sources of water. Total 104 MGD water is supplied in the city including that from Narmada, Upper Lake and Kolar. Every day level of lake is doing down by half an inch as the water is being pumped out for the supply. Currently water level in the lake is around 1654.35 feet and it can only be brought down to 1652 feet and not further.

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