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Entire world wants to crush terror menace, says PM


Jhansi, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday said several countries have already started appreciating India's stand on terror menace and they all are in favour of crushing the nefarious designs. 'The messages I have been getting since Pulwama attack have shown that the International community is equally pained and anguished due to dastardly act and wants to crush the menace,' the Prime minister said at a function here. Beginning his speech on a mournful note, Mr Modi said the country is passing through a challenging time, but maintained 'a befitting reply' will be given to the perpetrators of the dastardly act. He said Indian Armed Forces have been given a free hand to decide the further course of action and also have been given the 'permission to decide the further course of action on time, location and the strategy they will adopt to avenge the attack'. He tried home the point that unlike the past, 'India now follows a new policy of being a decisive and firm nation'. The Prime Minister said Pakistan is passing through a low with economic problems and is virtually moving around the world 'with a begging bowl' but no one is coming to its aid. 'Pakistan is not able to run its day-to-day expenditures. It is moving with a begging bowl and no one is coming forward to help it,' he said, adding if it thinks that by this kind of acts it is perpetrating and plotting conspiracies, and it will succeed in creating a divisive atmosphere in India; it must give up such dreams altogether. "Its nefarious designs will never succeed," he said.

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