The utilization of natural resources are our natural right and nothing wrong in it. But exploitation or destruction of natural resources are suicidal and disastrous. The world has now realized that it had played havoc with the nature and now it is a question of life and death before the mankind. The measures are being taken on global level to protect the nature to protect ourselves. Recently international Paris Agreement is a very big step to protect and improve the environment. The coal mining industries emitting carbon gasses in the form of smoke, petroleum product releasing toxic gases, excessive use of chemicals like detergents and plastic etc. have ruined the environment. India is facing worest in water pollution and heading towards grave danger. The excessive digging of tube wells and has created a very serious problem that we have last our natural resource in the form of under ground water. It is a rackless, senseless and ignorance and that we indulged in excessive exploitation of under ground water. The situation in India has reached the such situation that 60 to 70 per cent areas of the country is facing water shortage. After 1997 the 57 per cent of areas are affected by drought condition. There are about 50 lakh water falls and other water resources in the country and out of it 30 lakhs are in the Himalayan regions. Many of it have gone dry due to over exploitation and destruction of conducive environment and atmosphere. The world water report of 2018 of the United Nations has said that there was need for resolving the natural based solution to preserve water at a particular location. Otherwise it will not be possible to provide water for entire population of India. We are a very fortunate country that we have three side sea border provided by the Bay of Bengal, Indian Ocean and Arabian Sea. In the entire history we never considered ourselves as sea nation and remained land oriented nation. Inside the country we have thousands of rivers, tanks, well and all over under ground water. The situation is not alarming we can take immediate measures protect and preserve our water resources. The Israel has evolved a process of desalination of sea water and using it. We should use this innovation of sea water and can easily have ample water. Inside the country we must extensively use the water treatment plants on our nullahs to make it reusable it not for drinking purpose then for irrigation and making it underground water. In Maharashtra a process has evolved to clear the drain water to such a extent that it becomes totally pure water. We have ample water resources but there should not be over exploitation we must go for recycling the water in a big way.