Exam Rules


The Madhya Pradesh Board of Secondary Education has enforced new rules and regulations for the examinations and admission in the school. Only those student who are admitted upto 31st July will be allowed to appear in the Board Examination. About schools the Board has framed a rule that school can admit 10 per cent more students be beyond the seat allotment. If any school crosses the limit the Board would cancel recognition of that institution. In the state are about 16 schools that violated the norms and limit of admission. Despite so many changes in the examination system the situation is going bad to worse. Earlier there were few students caught while coping in the examination. Later it become mass copying, then copying mafia emerged to organize it as illicit trade. There are many private who provide schools facilities for copying against payment.Now even at Government level the massive corruption entered examination system like vyapam and topper scam of Bihar.

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