Exodus in Kashmir


On finding grave danger to the safety and security of Amarnath pilgrims the India Government terminated the yatra at once and issued advisory amounting to order to pilgrims to cancel the yatra and return to their homes immediately. Alongwith Amarnath yatra the pilgrimage to Machil Mata in Kishtwad is also cancelled and pilgrims were sent back to base camp to leave for their homes.  There were about 20,000 foreign and domestic tourists in Kashmir Valley and 95 per cent of them have come out. Many foreign countries have also issued advisory to their nationals not to visit in Kashmir in the present situation. The Pakistan and its terrorists laid down a strong explosive mine to blast off large number of pilgrims. They also installed long range rifles on the road side that could hit a person from a distance of one kilometer. Their plan was to open fire on the pilgrims on the routes. On getting information about it the Indian Army defused and removed the mines and other explosives. Apprehensive that there could be more such attack devices on the route the Central Government has decided to terminate the yatra. The Governor Mr.Satpal Malik told the panicked leaders the Valley Mr.Omer Abdullah, Mehbooba Mufti etc. that deployment of additional forces were made for safety and security measures. The Pakistan aided terrorists made elaborate spread out explosives to hit the pilgrims on large scale. It is the first time that Government has stopped the Amarnath yatra in mid way and asked the pilgrims to return their homes immediately. The Government has asked the Air Force and civilian air companies to evacuate the people from Kashmir Valley. The Pakistan has increased violation of Line of Control by shelling the borders. The Indian Army has gunned down five commandoes who were intruding into India from Pakistan. The Indian Army has installed the Bofors Guns at the border with Pakistan. The Lieutenant General KJS Dhillon, General Officers Commanding in Kashmir said that Pakistan and its Army target the Amarnath yatra has been foiled by the Army. Huge cache of arms and ammunition including Pakistan made anti personal mine, IED (Improvised Explosive Devices) and explosive devices and US made snifer rifles were recovered from routes to Amarnath cave. Indian Army received reports Pakistani terrorists were targeting yatra along its routes.  The Government measures has created alarming situation in Kashmir that something s going to happen.