Express Ways


Prime Minister Mr Narendra Modi inaugurated Nations first 14 lane Express Way and its major achievements is to save the National Capital of Delhi from over bearing gas pollution emitted by road vehicles that is choking on all the days. The Eastern Peripheral Expressway will pass out 50,000 vehicles out of Delhi that are traveling up to Jammu and Kashmir via Haryana and Punjab. The E.P.E scheme was conceived in 2006 on the directive by the Supreme Court to divert other state vehicles outside the Delhi. The vehicle emitting gases and burning to crops residuals in Haryana and Punjab are choking Delhi with “Smog” every year during winter. The Delhi is being regulated by even and odd number vehicles on alternate days. The foundation for EPE was laid on November 5 in 2015 and completed in record time of 500 days much ahead the actual schedule time of 910 days. For this project 1700 hectares of land was acquired. It is the first phase the whole project 135 kilometer long. It is eco-friendly with solar power light system from solar plant of 4 mega watt with world class safety features. As far as Expressways are concerned the 6 lane Yamuna Expressway is the first express way of India constructed by the Uttar Pradesh Government of Samajwadi Party Chief Minister Mr Akhilesh Yadav during his regime. With the growing traffic and number vehicles now country needs all the long route roads as Expressway with updated technology. The EPE connects Kundali city of Haryana on National Highway number one Palwal on National Highway Number 2. Along with E.P.E. Mr Modi also inaugurated first phase of Delhi-Meerut Express Way. It is 82 kilometer long with 6 lanes on both side 4-4 service lanes. It will reduce the travel time between Delhi and Meerut by one hour. On the occasion Mr Modi said that now 27 kilometer long new highways are being constructed every days much above the 12 kilo meter per day during the last Congress regime. His government has a plan to create network of national highways of 28,000 kilometers. Three lakh crores rupees have been spent and under the Bharatmata road project there is provision of 5 lakh crores of rupees for agro-oriented roads provision of Rs. 14 lakh croreds have been made. The EPE will longest the 9 kilometer stretch between Nizamuddin bridge and the U.P. gate and will reduce the plying of diesel-sizzling heavy vehicles on Delhi roads.